Above all we are passionate about Portugal, its landscapes and historical heritage, the delicious cuisine and the centuries-old traditions. We’re huge fans of Land Rovers and love the spirit of adventure that inspires us to go out and discover new tracks previously unknown. For us all-terrain driving is all about reaching new beautiful places, making new friends and live unique experiences.





In every new trip through remote tracks and wild places, our aim is to discover an authentic and amazing Portugal and share the best the country has to offer with a great sense of adventure.


We favor the contact with nature and so we want to promote its conservation in collaboration with local environmental organizations, as a way to reduce the impact our passage might cause.


By promoting off-road driving in a responsible way, we want to contribute to the preservation and sustainability of local communities, respecting and valuing their traditions and historical heritage.



We base our activity on the love for adventure trips and the values ​​of nature conservation and sustainable development.


These are the guiding principles of our Code of Conduct, which we are proud to follow:


• Always drive off-road safely and responsibly.


• Drive only on existing tracks without leaving signs of presence or passage.


• Respect other people and private property.


• Learn about local cultures and help preserve their values and traditions.


• Comply with all environmental standards and applicable regulations.


• Leave nothing but a trace of good citizenship… and have lots of fun!


We are a fully licensed Tour Operator, with a special certification for Nature Tourism which allows us to operate within some Protected Areas in accordance with the applicable regulations.



My connection with Land Rovers began in my childhood, when I saw a group of firefighters driving a Series 3 109" pick-up while fighting a forest fire near my local village.


Over the years, the passion for the brand and for off-road driving became increasingly bigger. Having started as a simple enthusiastic I became a member of clubs both in Portugal and the UK, and a couple of years ago I was appointed the local correspondent of the prestigious “Land Rover Owner International” magazine.


Apart from the Land Rovers I also collect all kinds of things related with the brand, from scale models to old parts, "memorabilia", sales brochures and owners’ manuals.


Thanks to these unique vehicles I have lived unforgettable experiences and did some of the things I like most in life: travel, enjoy the wonders of nature and get to know new cultures and new places.


Being so lucky to live in a wonderful country such as Portugal, I’m constantly searching for new tracks from North to South to show you the best this country has to offer when discovered off-road…


Come on over and discover it for yourself in one of our next trips.

José Almeida



This passion led me to own a small fleet of Land Rovers from various models and ages, from an old Series 2A fire tender to a Discovery Camel Trophy, a Range Rover Classic and a Defender 90.


While some of them made me spend countless hours in scrapyards searching for parts to restore them to their original condition, others took me on some of the most memorable trips like the Range Rover 40th anniversary celebrations at Gaydon, the crossing of the Atlas in Morocco or the various adventure trips across the remotest parts of Portugal with Land Rover Owner International magazine.


No matter the age, performance or level of comfort, each one of them represents the different facets of the mystique of this unique brand, as well as the spirit of adventure that keeps me dreaming about new places and memorable experiences…