We know every person has its own pace, preferred types of terrain or places they like to visit. Our proposal is distinctive and offers our customers the opportunity to choose the option that best suits their own way of travelling.


Here you can explore the options we have at your disposal. Whatever your preferred option, we can create a program tailored to your personal preferences, and organize every detail of the trip to ensure you have a memorable experience here in Portugal.


See from the programs available which one fits your profile, or simply tell us what you need.



Who said guided tours are little challenging, or traveling in a group is synonymous with lack of privacy and tight schedules?

Our guided tours are made with very small groups, small enough for us to provide a fully flexible and personalized service to our guests.



In our organizations, we privilege quality and environmentally friendly campsites, as wild camping is legally forbidden in Portugal, or good countryside B&B’s and hotels where in addition to the added comfort we can enjoy the local culture, heritage and fine cuisine.


Customers’ safety is paramount to us and as such our activity is fully licensed and insured as prescribed by Portuguese law, but it is essential that each person drives safely and takes a preventative approach to avoid any accidents during the course of the tours.


Our vehicles are equipped with safety and recovery equipment which should allow customers to reach the nearest workshop. However, as with any other trip to remote areas, we advise drivers to ensure their vehicles are checked and in good mechanical condition.


Portugal is a safe country and has good health infrastructures, but we recommend that the usual precautionary measures in terms of security and personal health are taken at all time.


For those who favor the security of being in a group with a local guide, we’ll provide a level of service only someone with local knowledge of the country and the terrain can provide.


Our trips are tailored to each group or individual client, so please contact us for more details about terms and conditions.



If you are the adventurous type of person and like to discover new territories autonomously, if you are comfortable with using navigation tools, and contact with different cultures is not an obstacle, then this is the ideal program for you.



For those wanting to travel independently, "solo" or in groups, we can provide assistance during the whole duration of the trip to ensure they can go at their own pace in total freedom.


We feel like language should not be a problem, so we will also help our customers when contacts with local entities and organizations might be necessary.


The tracks we provide to our customers in GPS files are previously recognized by us and consist of trails in close contact with nature, so they are not exempt from risks and specific challenges. With the passage of time the ground conditions may change, so it is advisable to drive with the utmost care and bring some basic tools should it be necessary to clear a path.


If you want to explore the country on your own, just let us know about your preferences and requirements.



Portugal is just a short flight away from most European countries, making it an ideal destination for adventure trips, whether it’s a long expedition or a simple weekend tour.


For those who don’t want to drive thousands of kilometers to get here, we offer them the chance to hire a 4x4 vehicle from a car rental company and discover the country in total comfort and autonomy.



Currently we operate from the Lisbon Airport, where we’ll be waiting for our customers with a vehicle ready for adventure.


If camping is the preferred option in terms of accommodation, we can hire tents and other camping equipment, but if comfort is a must we can also assist our customers with booking of other types of accommodation.


As part of this service we also provide a GPS device loaded with the planned route and a file with all the necessary information about the trip.


At the end of the experience customers just have to return the vehicle at the airport before flying back home.


Contact us for more information and enjoy an unforgettable adventure through some of Portugal’s best kept secrets.