Code of Conduct

We follow our code of conduct and base our activity on the values of legality, nature conservation and responsible tourism.

With our trips, we aim to promote the knowledge and preservation of Portugal’s heritage, natural environments and the traditions of each region.

These are the guiding principles of ouf code of conduct, which we follow and invite our guests and partners to adhere to:

  • Comply with the applicable laws and regulations
  • Respect other people, property and the environment
  • Always drive safely and responsibly, in harmony with nature
  • Drive only on existing paths and leave no trace or signs of presence
  • Discover and promote the local heritage, culture and produce of each region
  • Seek to give something back to the local people and communities we interact with
  • Minimize the consumption of natural resources and the production of residues
  • Involve our customers and partners in social, environmental and sustainability actitivities
Code of conduct