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It's the journey, not the destination

Ralph Waldo Emerson, a famous lecturer, philosopher and poet said one day that a trip “is not the destination, it’s the journey”. We absolutely share this vision and believe every journey should be made of special moments and memorable experiences that last in the people’s hearts and minds. Whether it’s a picnic in an idyllic location, an exclusive visit to a private wine lodge where you can feel the sweet aromas coming from old vintage Port casks, or simply the contemplation of a majestic landscape, every trip is supposed to be a feast for the senses.  As a result of our constant research and contact with local people who kindly open their doors for us, we’ve been able to not just experience these unique moments ourselves, but we also had the chance to create some truly unforgettable moments for our guests, for whom a trip is much more than just driving from A to B following someone else’s dust cloud! For us, every trip is a journey of discovery and new experiences, regardless of where we go in Portugal, and that’s what makes our job meaningful.

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