When we saw the huge Unimog U4023 arrive to our village for the second edition of the Lost Cultures Forgotten Heroes expedition to Portugal with Overland Journal Europe, it felt as if all the preparation we had done for the trip had been in vain. From the dimensions to the weight or the on and off-road capabilities, everything was a from different scale and the Defender looked more like a miniature alongside the Unimog. Accustomed as we were on tight trails and small villages with narrow and winding streets, the challenge of taking this authentic Goliath to discover the places planned for this trip, seemed like a task the size of the vehicle itself. With some changes to the initial route and one or two occasions when it was necessary to literally take measurements on the street or on the track, not to mention the hours we spent trying to get the Unimog unstuck from a muddy field, the expedition to the south of Portugal went as planned, but contrary to what many people say, size (does) matters… 

To read the story about this fabulous adventure through some remote and fantastic places in Portugal, check the 2019 winter edition of Overland Journal Europe: