• 12 Days
  • Portugal

Away from cities and motorways, Portugal is still a wild and natural place waiting to be explored. On this trip we’ll discover some of the most beautiful and photogenic regions in the Portuguese countryside and see how nature and wildlife are coming back.

The route of this trip will go through remote and natural places and will include visits to nature parks and reserves, wildlife sanctuaries and little villages lost in time, where new projects related with nature conservation are bringing a new breath of life. Food is such an important part of our culture, so along the way, we’ll be exploring and tasting the best local delicacies in natural enviroments…

The long journeys through some truly remote areas, the close contact with nature and the exclusive overnight stays under the moonlight will turn this trip into the ultimate experience a wildlife and photography enthusiast can have.

Accommodation will be in quality campsites, nature reserves and the odd b&b, to let visitors enjoy the local environment and have a natural experience.

Dates: 16 – 28 Jun 2024

Prices: Two people/vehicle: 1950 EUR

Single Adult discount/Adult: 650 EUR

Children (under 12 years): 450 EUR

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