Portugal might be small in size compared with other countries, but believe it or not there are still a few regions that are almost like unchartered territories for us, even after all these years going to the remotest and most hidden places. A few weeks before the coronavirus outbreak, we were lucky enough to take a few friends on an exploratory trip to some parts of the northeast of Portugal we had been wanting to go to for many years, and boy, little did we know what we were about to encounter over the nine-day period we stayed there. From local festivals that had their origins in celtic-influenced rituals, gifted artisans with a wealth of knowledge about the making of traditional objects, amazing castles and breathtaking landscapes as far as the eye could see or the most delicious local food we could have wished for, to the wonderful places where we were hosted by kind, genuine local people, this trip was truly an eye-opener to the hidden secrets and the richness of this part of the country. As someone famously once said in a movie,”we’ll be back”, but for now it’s time to relish on the wonderful flavours, experiences and lasting memories we brought from this trip, whilst we plan for the next one, which we hope is only a few months away ….