What makes Portugal so special

Portugal is one of Europe’s oldest countries, with a rich heritage left by the peoples who have inhabited these lands. From the Phoenicians to the Romans, the Moors and the Celts, they’ve all left a mark that can still be felt today. In the 15th and 16th centuries, our explorers were the first to discover many parts of the world, and brought riches, influences and people of many origins, making Portugal a unique country in the world.

Our country offers vast remote areas giving a true sense of adventure, so it’s not uncommon to spend hours on end without seeing a soul. Nature blessed us with a variety of ecosystems, from the mountains in the North to the “african” plains in the South, turning every day into a new adventure. 

We are within easy reach from many European countries, and more importantly, we’re famous for our legendary hospitality, a mild climate and a delicious gastronomy. 

This and much more is what makes Portugal a favourite destination for adventure trips.. Join us in one of our next trips and discover some of our best kept secrets…